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Are you worried about retirement? | 22 Minutes

Are you a senior? Did you work for Sears? You need to be appreciating your gold years,
not investing them bothering with your future! Your life insurance policy,
health and wellness, and dental advantages have actually all been cancelled. Your pension plan? Cut. You really feel like you'' re all alone. You'' re not.
At Sears, we comprehend and we wan na help. Sears has actually created a retired life area just for previous Sears employees.It ' s a

safe place, where you can endure your gold years without fretting where the cash to pay the costs is gon na come from. It'' s called: Wal-Mart. it'' s a retirement home for previous Sears workers similar to you! You can spend your golden years the same means you spent the remainder of your life, operating in retail. You might despise Sears currently, but after benefiting Wal-Mart for some time, you'' re gon na miss it! * sighs * Wal-Mart: Come see the tougher side of Sears.

Are you an elderly? Did you function for Sears? You must be enjoying your gold years,
* sighs * Wal-Mart: Come see the more difficult side of Sears.

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