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Drew Helps a 64-Year-Old Buy Metal Detector to Enjoy Retirement | Dear Drew

And also our postal code of the day today, 8-0-2-0-3, yell out to Denver, Colorado. (target market applauding) That'' s! Hey there, Denver! Home of our affiliate terminal, KCNC CBS 4. Now, Denver is nicknamed the Mile High City due to the fact that it rests exactly one mile above sea level. The Denver Mint generates about 40 million coins a day and also regarding 70% of that are cents. I like dimes, especially picking up fortunate dimes heads up on the street. It holds the 2nd largest gold bullion deposit in the US, holding $100 billion well worth of strong gold bars.Denver, Colorado

, we would certainly like to learn through you. Please send us some mail. Okay, currently allow'' s start. We'' re gon na review our initial letter. Simply so you understand, I open these for the very first time on air. Makes it a lot more fun. Okay. Allow'' s see. Beloved Drew and also staff.
She asked me what ' s Drew ' s favorite point besides children and also I without delay responded to mac as well as cheese. Mila, thank you so a lot and also I will be framing this and it will be going on my wall.In truth,

allow'' s see below. Why wear'' t we just put it up right now, also though I hate putting an opening in it however I can take care of that later.
( audience applauding) Look, Mila! I enjoy it! Thanks, Mila and Ashley. Many thanks, men. Okay, our 2nd letter is … Below we go. I'' m old, 64. That ' s not old. For among my very first retired life experiences, I ' d like to find and also explore some mining residential properties that Howard Hughes owned and frequented. I acquired a retirement motorbike. Awesome, and also a Jeep for these adventures however could use a new modern steel detector to discover Howard'' s artifacts, could you assist? I'' ll split ' em with you. Firstly, of course, Lance Campbell from Jackson, The golden state. I am motivated by your strategy, so I'' m sending you $1,000. (target market cheering).
( audience applauding) So you can obtain that metal detector of your desires and start your very own adventure.I ' m so satisfied for this chapter of your life. Incidentally, there is one demand, will you send us some pictures and updates and also talk? Okay, thanks. We have time for one even more, as well as this is from Trish Ramel in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Precious Drew, I in fact have a recipe box with real dish cards.( Drew gasping) I like them and I ' ve shared them with lots of people and I ran out of individuals to give recipes to so, tag, I like your design, anyway, I can'' t think you never ever consumed spam, sent you a favored dish for mac salad with spam. Perhaps you can test it on the show. I hope you like it, love, Trish. Okay, these recipes are absolutely stunning. I definitely will cherish these. Thank you so much. This is prize. Thank you. I'' m truly pleased that you spammed me. (audience laughing) Get it? There'' s spam in my mailbox, yet I'' m not upset due to the fact that you included these fantastic recipes and this outright prize, I enjoy them.I have actually been wishing to attempt spam again. What'' s this? Thank you, Paulie. (audience laughing) Wait, what? Oh, my gosh. I'' m like, macaroni salad? You sent out the recipe, so we made it. Trish! Oh no, you didn'' t. It ' s so good! Recipe, mac salad, right here it is, alright, Trish. One pound rotini, frozen peas, Miracle Whip, that'' s the taste. I enjoy it. Yellow mustard, apple cider vinegar, sugar. Thank you a lot! Thanks, Trish. Okay, if any of you guys out there desire recommendations, aid, maybe you wan na try something brand-new, mail me your questions, demands, photos, funny or heartfelt stories, and to discover a lot more, obtain our address, most likely to DearDrew. I can'' t wait to find out more of your letters reside on the show. Ashley and Mila as well as Lance and also Trish, thank you a lot for your letters.And below are my postcards to you. That, fine. Truly your own, Drew. (upbeat songs).

She asked me what ' s Drew ' s favored thing besides kids and also I quickly addressed mac as well as cheese. That ' s not old. I'' ll split ' em with you.( target market praising) So you can obtain that metal detector of your dreams and start your very own adventure.I ' m so happy for this chapter of your life. Oh no, you didn'' t. It ' s so good!

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