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From the TRS Vault : The Retirement Application Process Part II

Welcome to TRS Your Retirement In Emphasis. On today'' s. podcast, we will certainly travel down memory lane with some information from a couple of our From the Safe.
episodes. First, we will certainly highlight Residence Costs 385. If you will certainly remember, HB 385 was introduced in.
July of 2022 to allow public school systems to employ very qualified educators in topics.
of high demand throughout the state of Georgia. Senior citizens that have been retired for at least one.
year and have finished three decades of solution upon their retired life, have the ability to return to a TRS.
covered employer in a full-time capability as well as remain to get their retired life benefit..
For TRS' ' purposes, permanent ways operating in a setting at least 50 percent or more of the work.
hours for the month in an irreversible position.There are no wage constraints and also TRS contributions. are not taken out from the senior citizens advantage. This chance is currently. readied to run out in 2026, so if you are interested and would certainly like a lot more. details please visit our internet site at,
and search HB 385 using the Look. tool, or connect with your regional Resa to learn which placements are available in your location. In addition to covering HB 385, this episode will certainly review details on the retired life. application process from January of 2022. TRS ' Participant Solutions Workflow Supervisor, Carlos. Marshall, and also TRS ' Director of Communications and Outreach, Winston' Buckley, will state this. subject. Our company believe this is specifically valuable during this moment of year that a number of. our participants realize their retired life desires. We wish you enjoy today ' s podcast. Let ' s begin with. rejuvenating our audiences with info and also talk regarding sources for our'members.There are several.
locations that a member can find sources to find out about their TRS advantage.

The Member ' s Overview is one. of the most effective resources that they can make use of which lies on our website. And additionally the web site itself. has the details that ' s in the Participant ' s Overview, however in an extra enhanced style.
In the website as.
whenever to prepare for your retirement advantage. Understood, well you understand Winston, I know.
that social media sites is just taking control of. Everyone ' s on social media.Can you.
inform us currently what social media systems does TRS have as well as just how have.

they been accepted by those we serve? Well we have a variety of social networks systems.
that we make use of. Facebook is by far the most prominent one that we have. We have presently, and this is.
January of 2022, so for those of you that might be listening in the future, we have a little over ten. thousand members that are on that platform. Likewise, we have YouTube, which is our second ideal contender. as for social networks goes. Which ' s where we house a great deal of our on-demand content such as. our discussions, and different elements concerning the retired life advantage itself. We additionally utilize Twitter
. And LinkedIn is tailored more in the direction of the companies. We ' re listening to one more system, which is. the podcast, so participants can come back right here to evaluate details that we might have covered in. a pre-retirement session or a therapy session, so that they can obtain a more clear understanding.
of how the benefit works.So once more Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn and also we ' ve been getting a lot.
of task.

People post their questions there as well and also sometimes members involve that have actually been a.
bit even more while doing so, in some cases they give ideas and also we ' re there also to address concerns.
I. understand we ' re all busy we completely understand that. And the majority of people just wear ' t have the time to come to.
Those points. Superb, exceptional, well specified Winston.
Now in today ' s environment, what do I do if I wish to fulfill. with someone to discuss my retired life benefit?
There ' s a number of options. There may be an event that ' s either in your county, or someplace that ' s near you, so you can examine our. We know everybody doesn ' t enjoy our City Atlanta web traffic,.
And also you obtain the same. Currently if you don ' t want to. Superb, doing all we can to get the information.
to our participants that they need. Now Winston, I understand that TRS holds numerous online and in-person. events all over the state, for the benefit of our subscription, can you tell us concerning TRS ' upcoming. occasions? Certain, we have just as you claimed online and also in-person events.If you again are within the 5. years, you can go to our occasions calendar,
you can visit to your account as well as you can authorize in, as well as. from there you can register for a consultation.
For a private session, or for a pre-retirement. or mid-career team session; and those once more remain in Atlanta workplace. We put on ' t have the presentations. in the Macon office,

but we do have the counseling sessions in the Macon office. You can go on. that Occasions Calendar whether you ' re searching for a virtual or in-person occasion. Those virtual occasions we. do those weekly.
Some kinds we do on a regular monthly basis such as a mid-career presentation, which. is for anyone that ' s beyond that five years of eligibility. But that Occasions Calendar is going. to be your ideal place to discover where we are as well as what events we have coming up.Occasionally,. we have events on Facebook and YouTube that we live stream.
We try to once more, make it as. Got it. Also greater than that, there ' s absolutely nothing like being there based
I recognize that our on-line web content is great. It ' s wonderful, it provides all that our participants need. Where.
specifically can our members see an online presentation? Well there are several places that a participant.
can go to see us face to face, which ' s throughout the state of Georgia. You can view our Occasions. Schedule once more'and see where we ' re going to be in your location, or you can pertain to the Atlanta workplace if.
We understand that the digital is great we understand our. GEN Zs as well as our Millennials they enjoy to connect on-line primarily.But for those of us that favor. I ' ve seen,
even though we have all these different various systems are excellent outstanding and also get obtain jobTask
There ' s just nothing like in person. You understand Everett, I ' ve been to a doctor ' s consultation,. one-time, and also it was a digital consultation, as well as I did entrust to all the information that I needed. from that session. Yet there was simply something that I seemed like it was just a bit missing,.
so I still arranged an individual session so that that doctor can truly get a feeling for what. I had taking place.
So I recognize that, and there ' s different strokes for different individuals.' Everyone. has their'preferences, so if the virtual simply isn ' t doing it for you we still such as to give. those in-person sessions throughout the state
. That ' s a fantastic example as well as wonderful contrast, and. I ' m with you on that.All because of this pandemic we ' re still in the midst of. Yeah, digital doctors. consultations, that would certainly have ever thought it would be possible. And also what about presentations covering. various other retired life preparation subjects such as Social Protection? I
keep in mind among our interviewees Miss. Rhonda Lasky, she asked concerning that specifically. Can you enlighten us there? Yes, yes we recognize. that the TRS is the keystone of the retired life planning for our retired people, so we understand that we.

offer an advantage that individuals can rely on. However, there are so many different aspects to. retirement planning. A great deal of those are financial, however a few of those are beyond the financial. world such as preparing for your estate, your family, as well as various other things. So what we do is, we companion with. vendors to cover subjects such as Social Security, estate preparation, post-retirement concerns, economic. proficiency and more, so we want to assist give a spherical retirement preparation experience for our.
members.Obviously, we can ' t cover every little thing, but we do work with subject issue professionals to can be found in. and also speak about those things. Specifically with Social Protection, a great deal of our participants are expecting. Safety and security either from themselves or for from a spousal advantage. The Federal government Pension plan.
Offset as well as the Windfall Elimination Provision shows up fairly a little bit, and we are not the specialists.
As well as usually, we will videotape.
a few of those discussions as well as publish it on our YouTube and also Facebook channels for a duration of.
time for participants that may have missed out on a part of it or weren ' t able to participate in.
They can see that. content on demand for a duration after those events.
Now Winston, if'a member or potential retired person. looked on the schedule and also didn ' t see an occasion near
them, yet wanted to see a person. face to face, what could or should they do? A participant can request an occasion for their area or. for their system, as well as there ' s an Event Suggestion web link that ' s under the Events tab on our website.So. you just click that link, as well as submit the kind which'' ll come directly to our department.
Also, you. can recommend that your company call us. They have a company Occasion Request Type which.
If there ' s something out there that you see that ' s simply a little too far. That ' s a great
way. Let ' s claim is by a mail box, that staff members come to to get mail from.
you ' re putting in the time to organize an occasion, a TRS Occasion, we wish to make certain that that occasion fills up.
up. And we ' re right here to help as well, we know that you ' re hectic with a number of things that you ' re. attempting to do, taking care of all the responsibilities of pay-roll and HR.If an event is not filling out, we can also.

advertise directly to your personnel and your professors also. Let ' s switch equipments
here. Carlos, for. a June, July, or August retired life when should the retired life application be turned in? Everett any participant. that is trying to retire in June, can submit the applications as early as January, but they must. have it submitted to us by the end of March.If you'move right into a July retired life, they might submit.
as early as February, however no behind the end of April.

And after that if a participant is trying to retire in.
August, they could send it as early as March, yet they should have the documents to us no later than. the end of May.
Carlos, what should a member do if they have sick leave balances from several TRS-covered companies? If any type of participants have authorized leave from previous employers, initially of all they have. to go and also download and install the ill leave qualification kind, and they can locate that kind on our web site at. They must send out that form to the previous companies
, and also if they would love to have a duplicate. for themselves, they should request that at the time, since the typical procedure is for the company. to send it straight back to us. Well when needs to a member, or possible retiree for that matter,. when should they make their service acquisitions? Any kind of solution acquisitions need to be done prior to they. retire.Because once they ' ve retired, they can not make any type of acquisitions then.
Have to be. done before they retire. Understood, well below ' s a theoretical.
What if I desired to obtain an idea of. just how much broadcast would certainly cost me, what should I do? For air time, you need to get the expense to acquire. the broadcast service, as well as that is in fact the complete expense.
And also that is basically going to be the quantity. We have to look at points.
like age

, income, the years of service, death rate, also take a look at the passion price and future. salary rises. That each of these variables will certainly have an influence on that price, and what. we consider is based on the participants present standard to high salaries for thirty years full. of retirement, we calculate that, and afterwards we consider what the difference is. Now the member can. buy up to three years of air time; that ' s the optimum quantity. The member will certainly obtain that. certain buck amount that we computed for that TRS advantage, with the added amount that is. established. So primarily, we ' re going to check out what the acquisition would certainly be with that broadcast and also. without it. And afterwards the participants then needed to pay the distinction in the 2 quantities. That ' s the. means we ' re able to find up with the broadcast
price. That ' s excellent stuff right there. Well you know that. type of leads us right into the next
concern Carlos, and that is this: Just how ought to I set about. getting a benefit quote? Okay there are a number of different ways you can get a benefit estimate.The. benefit price quote within 5 years of retirement, a participant might ask for that advantage price quote either. using their TRS account, or they can offer us a call at the call center to make that request. A couple of. points you wish to keep in mind when trying to make that demand.
A member has to give us the. awaited date of retirement, they have to tell us their last'day of work, also they intend to consist of. the number of extra unwell'leave days, because that will certainly provide us a chance to be able to come up. with the precise estimate. There ' s a special comment section that can provide us information, if. there ' s anything unique that they wish to see in the quote.

Understood, well one even more thing for. you Carlos. As it connects to retirement application deadlines, just how should I use? When the participants. prepare yourself to use for retirement, they would certainly visit to their TRS account; all of it is on the internet. no paper forms.And once the member is visited, they provide all their qualifications, they would.
actually see tab that states: Make an application for Retired life. There are four various areas that the system.
will certainly trigger you to complete. The participant needs to place in their retired life option, they ' re going to load.
out the recipient info, they ' re going to place in their EFT or banking details,.
They will put in their tax obligation details. They will certainly also be given a possibility to take a. partial round figure choice,
whether they desire to do that or not, they indicate it. And after that finally,. the system will certainly inquire would they such as to pursue ill leave.The authorized leave for their existing employer. is the just one that ' s going to reveal up on their retirement application. Any type of previous employers will. have to be done like we discussed prior to; sending out a paper type. So when all the areas are completed,. the participant then will evaluate all that they have input
, and after that they click send. If they. like what they have input, at that factor it ' s going to give them a punctual to tell them documents. they need to send to us. That paperwork would be an Testimony of Residency Kind, it ' s mosting likely to. be an application ' s page.
Then they need to supply recognition for themselves, their main as well as. additional beneficiaries.Excellent info Carlos, as well as I have no uncertainty that someone ' s. mosting likely to benefit from that really details. I ' m considering functioning part-time after retired life. for a TRS-covered employer, is there anything I need to be familiar with? Yes Everett, there are some. points that pre-retirees must recognize if they ' re taking into consideration working after retirement in. a part-time ability. Among those things is that they need to take a one-month break after their. last day of work, prior to they start working again as a retired person. They additionally need to make certain that. the employer realizes that they are a TRS senior citizen. If they ' re going to a TRS-covered company to. work once more,'that employer truly requires to know that details. So you as employers, if you ' re reasoning. of working with people that have retired, you wish to validate throughout

that meeting procedure and their. application process if they are a TRS senior citizen or otherwise. That would certainly stay clear of any kind of compliance concerns with. TRS, as well as stay clear of any type of overpayments that you would certainly need to make for working with a TRS retired person over a 49 percent. standing or beyond that 30-day break.Also, there can not be any kind of pre-arrangements created, spoken,. or otherwise before that work starts. For those of you that are assuming of retiring. this June, July, or August, or anytime for that matter, you can ' t established any arrangements for job. after you retire. That discussion can not begin up until you are officially retired as a TRS senior citizen.. Understood', so let ' s claim I ' ve not obtained anything pre-arranged for after I retire, I ' ve taken my 30-day break, and also currently I ' m prepared to head to work. So currently, are there any type of constraints to the amount of job I. can do? Yes, you can work up to what ' s called 49 percent of the moment for that placement, so up to 49 percent; so less. than half-time. Anything that ' s half-time or even more, will certainly be considered full-time for TRS.So you. can work up to 49 percent under a TRS-covered employer, but you additionally can work up to three months full-time.

within the . And our monetary year is from July to June.
You can function up to three. Understood, so that speaks to if I were going to go back to work for a TRS-covered company. If you want to work for a personal company, after that.

There may be an event that ' s either in your region, or somewhere that ' s near you, so you can examine our. You know Everett, I ' ve been to a physician ' s consultation,. I ' m with you on that.All due to this pandemic we ' re still in the middle of. As well as we ' re here to assist as well, we understand that you ' re busy with a number of points that you ' re. That ' s good stuff right there.So for.
instance, some employers have TRS and also the ORP or the Optional Retirement. In that instance, you can.
work full time under the Optional Retirement. Or some employers have the ERS, the Workers.
Retired life System plan, so you can work full-time for a state agency, for instance, under the ERS.
Now if you are getting with a TRS-covered. Understood, currently I really do look forward to. Some who'' ve.
back to work to a TRS-covered company full-time? Yes, you have some alternatives. One choice would certainly be.
to suspend your retirement, you'' re simply stopping your benefit, and you'' re returning to function.
full-time. In that situation, you'' re not making any added payments to the TRS strategy, and also.
Additionally your cost-of-living modifications will certainly start at that time. You likewise can unretire, so to talk. We will recalculate your advantage, at that time, based on that additional.
have for our audiences today? How around you Carlos? Well yes, I do desire to point out the process.
of obtaining a benefit quote. That ' s one of the important things that participants will, will certainly ask for.
sometimes as well as we discussed the application process.But I likewise just wish to make sure, that. recognize that participants that are within 5 years of retirement demand an advantage price quote.

. Once they put that quote demand and then they offer us the awaited retirement,. and also that ' s actually essential because a member wants to know what that benefit looks like. before they really request retired life
. Simply'doing a benefit estimate, if they ' re. within 5 years of retirement, will be handy. Understood, just how regarding you Winston? Any type of. last ideas for our audiences today? Yes', Carlos touched on a number of those. So just. intend to repeat not to wait till
it ' s time to retire to prepare for that. Most of our occasions. are tailored towards those that are within those five years of retired life. And also Carlos was in the.
Communications Division for a number of years, as well as we ' ve done a great deal of those events together; the ones. that I discussed earlier.So, he ' s really acquainted'with all these things that we covered today.
However. we ' ve both seen instances where

individuals'have actually waited until the eleventh hour as well as they ' ve obtained shocked,.'either for uh in a favorable way or in a not so favorable method, so you actually wish to know what'. you ' re mosting likely to obtain from TRS. Since once more, it ' s the foundation of retired life preparation for several. Some other things, simply examine the beneficiaries, just make sure that that ' s correct as well as up to date also while
you ' re working. It ' s truly crucial to make sure. We do have a beneficiary video that ' s on.
So a little immoral plug here, please most likely to the YouTube network as well as check. out the recipient video.
There are some ideas that are there for you to ensure that you have. every little thing in area as far as your recipients are worried. Carlos already mentioned it. once again, that advantage quote calculator that ' s
on our web site, please usage that to make sure that you understand what. you ' re going to obtain when you retire.And last but not least, I would
suggest for those subjects that we don ' t. cover, go straight to the resource. There ' s. Those are just some of the things that I can believe
of. I directly appreciate it, and also on behalf of our listenership
, I ' m sure they appreciate value as.
As long for currently, but sign up with. us next time for TRS Your Retirement In Focus.

Some other things, just inspect the recipients, just make certain that that ' s correct and up to date even while
you ' re working. It ' s really important to make certain. We do have a recipient video clip that ' s on. There ' s. I directly appreciate it, and on part of our listenership
, I ' m sure certain appreciate it as.

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