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Grandma Dies, But Put In Fridge To Continuously Receive Pension Money

hi secret summarized right here today I'' m going to discuss an Italian funny film called put grannies in the fridge freezer spoilers in advance view out as well as take care [Music] the flick opens in a church where a boy and also an extremely old woman are obtaining married by the looks of her physical problem it is feasible that she won'' t even make it through the week the priest clearly doesn'' t approve of the marital relationship so he taunts the guy for experiencing all this difficulty just to obtain the woman'' s pension plan he additionally makes remarks about the individuals present in the space who show up to be wrongdoers paid to witness the wedding celebration simply after that the priest eliminates his camouflage and also Discloses His genuine identity he is Simone an undercover legislation enforcement police officer he apprehends the bridegroom for attempting to dedicate fraud as well as takes him away what if he really loved her though the scene then cuts to a gallery where a woman named Claudia intimidates to destroy a historical paint if her needs aren'' t satisfied she gathers the media and also exposes that she is an art restorer Claudia'' s company has actually gotten on the brink of insolvency since the museum owes her even more than a hundred thousand dollars currently she is totally dependent on her grandmother Bridget'' s pension plan to sustain herself all of a sudden her buddies Rosanna and also Margie Margie Margie Margie interrupt her press conference and also stated that Bridget'' s health remains in vital problem therefore Claudia is required to desert her plan as well as return home nonetheless on reaching it she after that learns that Bridget was just being dramatic and also she only had some level of acidity the old woman says that she is all set to die yet she is stressed concerning Claudia'' s future hearing this the last ends up being emotional as well as heads to the cooking area to prepare something to eat yet best after that all the lights in your home head out and when the power is recovered Claudia discovers that Bridget has died she lived for 90 years via 2 harsh Battles The Great Depression and also numerous starvations yet in the long run a small power failure eliminated her well that and also being old as [__] Claudia is ruined that her only family members member has actually passed away but she is even extra stressed about the future of her organization seeing her upset Rosanna provides her condolences and also thinks of a Scary plan she suggests that they maintain Bridget'' s body in the fridge freezer so the pension plan cash keeps coming they will just need to do this up until the gallery settles their staying cash Claudia is horrified by the guidance as well as says that she can'' t do that to her dead granny however Rosanna clarifies that it ' s the only solution which they can give Bridget a proper burial once they recover the money from the gallery after much deliberation Claudia unwillingly concurs and the buddies placed Bridget'' s body in the fridge freezer before covering it with steak and also pasta I'' m hungry now as well as I put on'' t like steak or pasta the adhering to day Claudia mosts likely to the pension plan workplace to get the month-to-month check however the policeman tells her to wait on a month since she'' s on a waiting list nevertheless the police officer offers to accelerate the process if she concurs to pay him off this infuriates Claudia as well as she berates him for being a corrupt individual instantly the armor of a warrior behind Claudia begins to relocate and also he is exposed to be Simone who gets on one more covert procedure after catching the corrupt policeman red-handed Simone apprehensions him and blends him away Claudia hurries after them with some paper asking the officer for his signature so she can receive the pension this is when Simone lastly notifications Claudia'' s Beauty as well as he is immediately infatuadted however he swiftly snaps out of it and also tells her that the police officer can'' t authorize the documents this results in a disagreement and as they go back as well as forth Claudia inadvertently pushes him down the stairways injuring him severely later on a sorry Claudia sees Simone in the medical facility to apologize she initially presents herself and after that explains the tremendous Monetary stress she is under thanks to the postponed repayment now Simone has developed a full-blown crush on Claudia so he agrees not to go after an instance versus her meanwhile his Juniors watch him chat with the lovely woman and quickly deduce that he likes her it is then revealed that Simone got divorced some months back as well as to deal with the pain he'' s end up being a workaholic he likewise forces his Juniors to function longer hrs irritating their lives for that reason Simone'' s Juniors strategy to set him up with Claudia as well as make him a fun-loving Carefree individual once more they take him to a bar and attempt to send him to Claudia'' s home under the pretense of investigating her grandma'' s pension instance that ' s what I call it too nevertheless Simone swiftly identifies their intents as well as warns them against playing video games with him refusing to quit the Juniors after that obtain him drunk and also make him open up Simone ultimately reveals that he keeps away from females because he has actually lost the self-confidence to talk with them after obtaining left by his ex-wife but after a great deal of convincing Simone finally agrees to pay Claudia a see the following day when he gets to the door Claudia is startled to see him she swiftly covers the freezer before allowing him in both of them fidget to see each other and also when she asks about the factor for his browse through Simone panics and also informs her that he came to fulfill her grandmother in relation to the pension situation hearing this Claudia comes to be certain that the cops are onto her however the good news is she handles to send out Simone Away by existing that her granny has actually gone to her Town Claudia after that tells her good friends about Simone'' s go to and with each other they make a decision to drop their strategy and provide Bridget a funeral service to prevent prison time however they are compelled to wait as it will take the carcass 15 hours to completely thaw prior to they can take her to a physician and also register her fatality as they wait Claudia obtains a call from a person called Augusto that asks her concerning the granny terrifies her even extra so she informs him that she'' s busy and also hangs up the call at the same time Simone'' s Juniors inquire concerning his visit to Claudia'' s residence as well as he admits that he couldn ' t ask her out they after that recommend him to attempt once again by thinking of Claudia as a criminal this is because Simone constantly gets encouraged when he is on task you recognize what I'' m claiming later he takes their suggestions as well as pays Claudia an additional check out capturing the girls completely off guard Rosanna as well as Margie rush to conceal the body while Claudia answers the door she attempts to shoe him away by making several reasons but the police officer is determined on can be found in left with no selection Claudia allows him inside as well as nervously looks back to her relief Rosanna and Margie have actually already looked after the dead Lady by applying makeup to her face she is now sitting on the table looking entirely active and well Simone greets Bridget cheerfully however before he can get a reply Claudia swiftly takes him to another room there he finally confesses that he has actually liked her since their first meeting In the Warm of the Minute he likewise asks her out yet swiftly regrets it wondering if he has actually exceeded his bound boundaries to his awe Claudia states of course not because she likes him however because she wants him outdoors nonetheless the day does not go as planned because Simone bores the heck out of Claudia with his work-related stories later she calls her close friends for an upgrade as well as they tell her that they place the body back in the freezer since something turned up and they had to leave your home after the day Simone strolls her back house as well as prepares to leave when instantly a pet dog begins chasing them consequently he once more gets in the house the power is out so Claudia informs him to wait by the door as she goes to obtain a candle when she returns she notices him checking the refrigerator to examine if food has been spoiled to sidetrack him she desperately begins kissing him and afterwards takes him to her bed room this is the very first time believing about your grandparents has actually ever before made someone more randy when points start to warm up Claudia pulls back stating that they should take points slow-moving Simone being a gent agrees and returns residence nevertheless he ceaselessly messages her and Claudia feels stuck consequently she develops a strategy to obtain rid of him that evening she takes place a day add in a revealing gown and a great deal of makeup she acts obnoxious and also purposely picks battles with other visitors consequently one of the visitors punches Simone in the face the latter is puzzled by her actions as well as he finally finishes the day when she orders his crotch as well as asks him to show the scrap the adhering to day Augusta the customer gets to Claudia'' s residence he discloses that he is Bridget ' s old pal and also demands to fulfill her Claudia attempts to make excuses to eliminate him but he informs her that he has actually been camping in the neighborhood for 3 days however he didn'' t see Bridget also when he then advises her that if he doesn ' t see Bridget by tomorrow he will certainly call the cops terrified of getting subjected Claudia as well as her friends generate a strategy the adhering to day when Augusto shows up at the door Claudia disguises herself as Bridget as well as speaks with him fortunately he doesn'' t acknowledge her as well as it ' s revealed that Bridget nagusto utilized to date in the past Augusto says that his partner has actually passed away and he intends to get together with her nevertheless Claudia informs him that she has discovered another person and also sends him away after doing away with him she ultimately takes a breath a sigh of relief but the buzzer once more rings to her discouragement it is Simone she nervously tells him that Claudia goes to job however the police officer wants to talk with Bridget instead entrusted no choice Claudia lets him in and Simone reveals his sensations for her he says he'' s mindful that Claudia purposely placed on the schizophrenic Avatar to terrify him away but he is not going anywhere because he really loves her hearing all this Claudia is moved so she asks him to wait for a while she then hurries to the garage to eliminate her make-up after returning back to her real self she walks up to Simone and kisses impassionately the 2 after that have sex and choose to take place a vacation Simone'' s juniors are elated as well as they toss a party to commemorate at the same time during the trip Claudia as well as Simone learn more about each various other as well as it is revealed that Simone'' s marital relationship damaged down since he caught his ex-wife devoting tax obligation scams the amount wasn'' t even that large just 3 000 Euros Simone after that warns Claudia to never ever compel him to select in between her as well as his task because he will certainly constantly select the latter what a friggin geek a month later Claudia returns from holiday and also exposes to her pals that she'' s expecting she likewise reveals her anxiety that Simone will certainly damage up with her if he discovers out regarding Bridget'' s body therefore they all accept hide Bridget'' s body as quickly as feasible in the following scene Simone is on another covert Goal Claudia and her women pack Bridget'' s body into the van as well as prepare to take her to the cemetery nevertheless on their method there they are pulled over by Simone'' s Juniors on premises of speeding they don'' t recognize Claudia and demand to see the back of the van when the women refuse to comply Simone is phoned call to the scene it transforms out that he and also his group are currently seeking a gangster Claudia tries to emotionally blackmail Simone but it doesn'' t job and he slowly opens the door remarkably the body is no place to be found it is after that revealed that somewhere along the Route a speed breaker tugged the door open and the remains in the mobility device presented of the van together Augusto that happened to be around noticed Bridget and also began following her meanwhile Margie unintentionally elopes that there was an old lady in the back of the van compeling Claudia to compose a tale that they were really moving a statuary however Simone charges them of swiping the statue from the museum he then apprehends the women however as opposed to taking them to the cops terminal he takes them to a separated area there Simone exposes that he had constantly thought Claudia of hiding her grandma in the fridge freezer he is now in a deep predicament as he has to pick in between his love and his responsibility what a geek nonetheless after much consideration he chooses that he does not desire his infant to be birthed in prison so he consents to ignore the criminal offense he damages up with Claudia but when he finds out that the body has actually gone missing he is compelled to help Simone and also the women then split up as well as begin searching for the body at the same time after rolling with town Bridget'' s body comes to a quit in a forest Augusta additionally gets here however when he discovers that the love of his life is dead he endures a cardiovascular disease and also dies after a while Margie as well as Rosanna at some point arrive at the location and find the bodies they first determine to take care of augusto'' s body but when they return Bridget is once more gone worried they rush to is home and also notify her of everything simply when it shows up that the women are going to jail they find the body right alongside the gate nonetheless unexpectedly some policemans get here there and presume that the person in the wheelchair is the gangster they are looking for the women once again panic however to their relief the individual is exposed to be a sculpture after the police leave Claudia returns inside her home and also there she locates Bridget stocking her bed Simone likewise arrives and it is exposed that he discovered the body in the woods and also covertly brought it home without telling his Juniors recognizing that he risked his profession to save her from the authorities Claudia hugs him affectionately and the 2 fix up Claudia then assures to call a physician and bury her granny but Simone tells her that the body has to be maintained in methanol for 2 days to shake off the doctor concerning the real time of death it'' s scary that he knows that in the final scene Claudia and also the team participate in augusto'' s funeral and also pay their areas later on they review Claudia'' s financial debt as well as her baby on the means Simone understands that his wage won'' t be enough to maintain the family members afloat hence he as well accepts make a compromise the flick ends as Claudia Simone Margie and also Rosanna decide to ice up the nana for a few even more years subscribe for even more videos such as this turn on notifications as well as leave a like to aid the channel out thank you for viewing

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