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Matt Stone & Trey Parker Retirement Home Intros

[Songs] doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo I such as hugs and also I such as cake with the gum tissue yum yum it'' s enjoy and also that I'bake I ' m your ideal pal through as well as via till the Grim Reaping machine comes for you oh hi I'' m Trey Parker and I'' m Matt Matt Stone that is not you just captured Matt and I doing what we enjoy to do most entertaining seniors at a retirement community claim hi to the South Park followers gang say South Park followers I said man this following episode of South Park is called Cartman'' s mom is an unclean'slut and also it ' s our preferred episode that ' s appropriate Matt it ' s what we call a cliffhanger include me excuse me my breast hurts I require my medication oh you imply this well of course of training course I do the pet dancing anyhow this episode is everything about a little kid search for his father as well as a video that may shame the hell out arm that'' s true my medicine now beep like a Jeep no I guess you could be like a Jeep begun that'' s it so now sit back kick back and appreciate Matt ' s mama is a dirty'slut Cartman ' s mommy oh right right appropriate'the pet father'' s pet dog papa ' s doing the pet dog dancing pet dance canine dancing if you desire your medicine do the pet dog dance canine dancing dog dance oh hey there back already well as you can see that episode is what we in the organization describe as a cliffhanger to discover who Cartman'' s father was we told customers to listen for weeks later well four weeks later on simply happened to be April Fool'' s Day therefore we assumed it would certainly be enjoyable to not air the cliffhanger payback however instead air something entirely pointless as well as dumb a full half-hour Terrance and also Phillip episode as well as the customers responded wonderfully we even saved a few of their discuss our office answering maker you think you'' re amusing not telling us who Cartman'' s daddy is I hope you both die currently can I have my medication man do the pet dance some even more people I defeat some individuals like an affordable beep do you desire your medication below go get it go get it oh no you people are jerks hello there what a grump she''

s mr.Grumpy pants well after the Terrance and also Phillip episode which honestly actually is Matt a good favored episode we finally broadcast the episode you'' re about to see it ' s called carbons mama is still a dirty slut [Music] oh hi everybody you just captured Matt and also I doing what we love to do most entertaining senior residents in a retirement community claim hi to the South Park followers gang claim hi to the South Park fans I said what you'' re concerning to see is our preferred episode of South Park it'' s called chicken fan as well as it'' s about a guy who suches as to make love with chickens that'' s ideal Matt you recognize sex with chickens go back to the late 1800s means what can we leave no you can'' t leave we ' re amusing you you ' re speaking to the camera hey simply maintain your damn pants on this is our other work all right I have other things for those that take a seat or else it'' s ninja celebrity in the temple for you anyway this episode likewise takes care of the marvels of reviewing that'' s ideal reading utilized to be a fun type of home entertainment now we have television so who have to leave settle back relax I must leave please just start unwind relax and also appreciate this episode of South Park hen lover kid boy oh you'' re back already well in that episode of hoot as well as a squeal this next episode is called Ikes wee-wee as well as it'' s all about the courage of one male as well as encountering his bitter dependency and also concerning terms with life prior to he sheds whatever he loves and also Ikes wee-wee right I have to go to the shower room what did I say I claimed cool down I'' m gon na be forced to use ninja celebrity anyhow this episode likewise deals with the really important subject of circumcision that'' s when they take a knife and cut a slit right down the middle of your penis slicing it right into 2 halves and afterwards they take both halves in time in a little bow no they wear'' t huh dude that ' s not what they do is that what they did to you oh yeah that that ' s what they do to everyone isn ' t it no man I know that Sally chick calls you the pretzel stopped talking well anyway this episode is definitely gon na have to go god darn we just provide us 2 minutes I can'' t wait 2 mins that'' s it will anyhow relax relax and appreciate oh hi everyone you simply captured Matt as well as I doing what we like to do most amusing seniors at a retirement community state hi to the South Park fans gang claim hi to the South Park followers I claimed we'' re delighted you ' re watching this episode of South Park since it'' s our preferred episode that'' s right it ' s called adjoined fetus lady and it ' s all about the youngsters amazing dodgeball tournament in China train I understood for this episode when we went to Beijing China together that'' s right we saw the Great Wall surface the Forbidden City and also also tienamin square where Chinese trainees were eliminated by soldiers here we are reenacting the Tiananmen Square bloodbath after we left prison for reenacting the Tiananmen Square massacre we returned house as well as assumed wow China is really silly let'' s make fun of it so we did as well as this program additionally has that old female who has a double that passed away throughout giving birth connected to her head joke in it isn'' t that amusing gang isn'' t that funny I stated solution him you pieces goddamnit we come prior to it for you and also you take a seat like a number of fuckin corpses did despise you so unwind relax as well as appreciate adjoined unborn child lady [Songs] [Songs] well that episode was a hoot and also a squeal wasn'' t it that is a wonderful episode but this following episode is our preferred episode it'' s called the Mexican gazing frog of southerly Sri Lanka that'' s right it ' s all concerning this army of futuristic cars which can leave of airplanes and after that run in silent setting and also really use the quiet setting to slip up behind their opponent they wear'' t even know they ' re there as well as the leader who uses this big silver match he'' s practically late yet after that he utilizes a flying setting to obtain in the back of his airplane man that'' s not this episode it ' s not no man that ' s that film Megaforce we didn ' t do that no dude that appeared when we were like 12 years old oh dude we should have done that that was a pleasant movie well yeah however this is the episode where it has you understand where it has Jesus and also he gets his very own talk show and also they'' re there after that Mexican gazing frog as well as stuff well we should have done Megaforce that was a sweet flick you must have done that well delight in the Mexican staring frog of southerly Sri Lanka [Music]

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