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Retirement: I’m 60 Years Old with $900K in Savings. Can I Retire Now? What is My Risk Capacity?

Summary of Video Transcript

Understanding the Oak Harvest Financial Group Approach

Oak Harvest Financial Group emphasizes the importance of subscribing to their network, facilitating easy access to their diverse content. The group is passionate about addressing viewers' specific financial questions and circumstances, providing guidance to those considering becoming clients. As a case study, the video introduces us to James, a soon-to-be retiree who seeks Oak Harvest's financial expertise.

James' Financial Picture

James aspires to retire at the earliest opportunity, even considering claiming Social Security at age 62, which would provide him a monthly income of slightly over $2,000. His financial assets include a $900,000 investment split between a 401K ($700,000) and a taxable, non-qualified account ($200,000). James owns a fully paid-off house valued at $600,000, although he doesn't want to utilize it to fund his retirement. The varied tax implications of James' investments, given their different tax attributes, demand strategic planning for optimal results.

Risk Tolerance and Current Allocation

By 2022, James has aggressively invested in stocks, making up 93% of his portfolio. While this bold approach could yield significant returns, it could also expose James to substantial market downturns, especially during retirement when he starts drawing income from his investments. The video introduces the concept of “guardrails” – essentially statistical calculations that predict potential investment returns in both good and bad years. Ensuring these guardrails aren't too far apart helps in mitigating the risk of depleting funds prematurely.

Retirement Success Probability

With the current strategy, James' likelihood of achieving his retirement goals stands at 61%. However, through a “what if” analysis, Oak Harvest illustrates how small changes can substantially increase this probability. By delaying retirement or reducing spending, the success rate could improve. For James, delaying his Social Security claim and considering part-time work during the early years of retirement are potential solutions. These tweaks push his success probability to 94%.

Introducing the IRA Custodian for Gold

For those wary of market volatility, diversifying assets further can be beneficial. Transitioning some funds to an “ira custodian for gold” can provide added security. Precious metals, like gold, have historically acted as hedges against market downturns. Learn more about selecting the right IRA custodian for gold here.

The Benefits of Diversification

Considering an IRA custodian for gold not only introduces a tangible asset to one's portfolio but also offers a respite from the fickle nature of stock markets. This addition can provide James, and investors like him, with a cushion, ensuring that their retirement funds aren't overly exposed to market volatility.


Oak Harvest Financial Group's holistic approach, encompassing adjustments to Social Security claims, considering deferred income annuities, potential part-time work, and tweaking investment portfolios, offers a comprehensive solution to retirees. By considering these variables and possibly integrating tangible assets through an “ira custodian for gold,” retirees can significantly improve their chances of a comfortable and successful retirement.


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