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Retirement Planning: Can You Retire in Your 60’s And Sleep Well At Night

[Songs] welcome back to the retired life earnings show i'' m mark elliott along with the chief executive officer and also founder of oak harvest finance team a plus rated by the much better organization bureau of houston situated at 920 memorial city means straight off i-10 and shelter hill you can constantly most likely to the website to discover out more i think it'' ll be one of the more excellent internet sites you'' ve ever before seen a financial team have in location undergoes every one of the staff member speaks about a whole lot of different locations of retirement a great deal of fantastic details there you can always look for troy'' s 100 plus videos on youtube simply look for troy sharp and also oak harvest you will certainly locate that on youtube too any kind of concerns you intend to take a seat and also chat with the team below'' s my situation below ' s my problems tax obligations i think are rising what do you think i need to do i'' ve obtained a million bucks sitting in my ra none of that ' s been strained yet i think i'' ve got some concerns what ought to i do that'' s a fantastic location to start 800-822 no cost to talk with the group they ' re here to help simply don ' t recognize if they can till they hear your'scenario 800-822-6434 we ' ve been speaking about the total planning approach called the retired life 360 procedure at oak harvest and also you know troy we ' ve spoke about this prior to in different areas you'' ve got the earnings strategy the investment plan tax obligation plan health insurance plan uh the estate plan social protection ' s income component medicare ' s in the healthcare component that ' s a great deal of relocating components many people go into retired life thinking it ' s all about their financial investments as well as that ' s absolutely important which is why you start keeping that in the retired life 360 process yet the various other four locations are incredibly essential as well it'' s every little thing ' s looped'it ' s like you ' ve obtained a terrific violation in football your protection is no great well it ' s going to be an obstacle yet if you ' ve obtained a terrific violation great defense as well as you ' ve got great unique groups need to have a respectable year so it ' s about putting all of it together and also your group kind of does that you ' ve got a fantastic team around you at oak harvest you'' ve constructed this team you'' ve remained in houston because 2010 and truly have actually developed i assume a business that'' s constantly evolving always growing to the improvement of your clients at oak harvest so the procedure when somebody does call what occurs we understand they speak with honest is it a one phone call and also we'' re a customer is it two months later on i'' m a customer how does that all it'' s extremely sharp monitoring there mark due to the fact that you'' ve been with me currently doing this radio reveal it'' s been 4 years 5 years you recognize as well as we wear ' t ever speak about this but a little off air occasionally you understand you ' ll i ' ll discuss to you a few of the adjustments that we'' re production and where we'' re going and also what we ' re doing as a company as well as um you understand the reality of the matter is we absolutely have to do with constantly improving making our future larger than our previous making our future larger as well as much better for our clients than their past and also the vision from oak harvest financial group originates from my experience that i had with my grandparents so i ended up university and i had a financing degree the only factor i got the finance degree though is due to the fact that i didn'' t recognize what i wished to do in university i really started as a communications major as well as i quickly located out that was not for me i thought for a 2nd regarding being a lawyer my youth desire was naturally to play expert sporting activities when i realized that wasn'' t mosting likely to happen i considered being a sporting activities representative as well as i figured fine legislation institution could not be a negative point yet i reached university and also made a decision to transform from the communications significant went right into the service college got a financing degree because i said you understand what that'' s a strong structure i can get a good task and also i can make some cash fine i can provide some security for myself and it'' s i ' m not going to go the the double art significant uh course so i inform i tell youngsters constantly whether i'' m doing uh often i'' ll get worked with to do public speaking or speak in front of groups or whatever it is when i talk with young people i inform them look the initial large financial investment choice you'' ll ever before make is to determine what you'' re going to significant in in university since you'' re going to spend not just the cash but you'' re mosting likely to spend your time that'' s two years in your major and also the student loan loaning that you'' ll do that money plus the outrageous passion prices which are expensive about the rates of interest environment it'' s all a big scam it ' s all a large huge joke and also anyways it at 19 20 years old you have to make the among the largest to that factor probably financial investment decision of your life exactly how are you mosting likely to spend your time exactly how are you mosting likely to spend your money and what is the awaited return once you venture out into the workforce on that particular investment so if you graduate in something that set you back a hundred thousand dollars but you'' re going to obtain out of university and anticipate to make 40 000 a year wear'' t be surprised if you spend the next 10 to 15 years straddled in the red disturbed angry as well as simply typically not happy it'' s due to the fact that somebody didn'' t inform you what i ' m telling you now so if you have youngsters that are approaching secondary school please inform them that and also or approaching university let them know that it'' s a large huge investment decision fine so getting back to a retired life 360 process or excuse me i was discussing my grandparents so oak harvest and the vision for oak harvest originated from my grandparents so i ended up college and also i still don'' t recognize what i intend to perform with my life but my my grandparents that implied the world to me they made every sacrifice for me maturing i dealt with my mother for the very first ten years or so but my mom was not the most groom most definitely some ups and also downs in those years as well as my grandparents took me in and my grandpa marketed his organization sold his residence he was a very simple man he uh had a junkyard basically he purchased trashed autos and also offered the parts he had some mechanics as well as did you know fixed cars and trucks up as well i'' ll never ever bear in mind always remember as a little youngster seeing my grandfather every year would give away vehicles to the regional fire division and i'' d remain there and also what the fire department would do is they bring the jaws of life as well as they practice emergency life-saving techniques with the jaws of life obtaining people out of the damaged vehicles so i remember as a youngster simply sitting there enjoying and it was just one of the coolest points ever before so they suggested a whole lot to me they actually i wouldn'' t'be where i am allow ' s claim that 100 for certain if it wasn ' t for my grandparents so he sells his business offers the home they obtain two million bucks as well as my grandfather never ever completed sixth grade all right he was the earliest of a number of children his dad died young as well as he he quit sixth grade went to function had you recognize it'' s a familiar tale to many of you out there um held back numerous tasks he was the male of your home at what is that 12 13 years old in fee of caring for not just his older or more youthful brother or sisters but also his mom so never believed they'' d have that sort of money market the home sell the business 2 million bucks they retired in murphy north carolina tiny little town on the southwestern border of tennessee there um gorgeous community as well as they claim troy all we intend to do is enjoy the sunlight increase and also watch the sunlight established they were assuming concerning getting a recreational vehicle doing a little bit of traveling i increased to visit them as quickly as they got the residence and also retired and also claimed grandma grandpa congratulations you gained it thank you for everything you'' ve provided for me i finished university at that point so they had actually done their work to ensure that that i did finish institution the first individual in my family members to to complete college as well as concerning 5 or 6 weeks later on come xmases time december 26 2003 my grandfather has 2 aortic aneurysms obtain a phone call from grandmother i'' m pull back i remained in florida at the time i mosted likely to institution at florida state as well as thrill up there jump in the truck i think had to do with a 7 or 8 hour drive and also two aortic aneurysms he'' s in the in the in the doctor ' s space really we most likely to the doctor'' s room because he isn ' t feeling well that ' s where you figure out he has the aortic aneurysms he takes his tee shirt off and you could see it i remained in there with him 2 huge palpitations in his chest is boom boom boom boom the doctor considers him and claims larry you have 2 days to live troy go tell your grandma what'' s going on we ' re mosting likely to prep larry for flight gon na hop onto a helicopter as well as we'' re airlifting him to chattanooga tennessee a group of experts are mosting likely to carry out a procedure the odds of survival are 50 percent and it'' s regarding a nine hour treatment so i go back i inform grandma what'' s taking place it ' s one of the most tough point i ' ve ever performed in my life approximately that factor we'' re crying we state a little prayer you understand god please deal with you know grandfather during the surgical treatment you recognize give us the strength and you understand the courage to survive this and i hop in the auto drive over to tennessee get to the hospital he'' s in a coma for five weeks basically uh throughout this moment they wear'' t turn him in the bed sufficient they put on ' t tell me what to do i ' m there each and every single day 8 a.m they didn ' t stretch his arms as well as legs they didn ' t turn him in the bed so degeneration it set into his arms and his legs throat muscles as well couldn'' t talk couldn'' t consume couldn ' t drink after the coma had stage four bedsore in his coccyx which is the lower part of the back just a problem 64 years of ages and the part i was most distressed concerning was no one at that health center i was there every day 8 a.m every day on the dot no person informed me that i could be helping that i can be extending his arms and also legs that i could be providing him this sort of physical treatment i can be grabbing the bed sheets and also lifting them up and also transforming him onto a side every pair of hours maybe we could have stayed clear of all that he likewise endured hypoxia which is a lack of oxygen to the mind so long tale brief and as well as i'' ve turned this right into a lengthy tale however it'' s important due to the fact that it ' s important that you comprehend that i am why we do what we do as a firm and also obtaining back to what you stated mark oak harvest proceeds to constantly seems to be progressing to be growing to be improving and that is since the vision when i first began this firm was to be a company where if my grandparents when they had actually retired simple people fine they'' re not sophisticated they put on'' t understand finances they put on'' t understand cash i desired to be a firm where my grandparents could have gone through those doors with that said 2 million dollars rested across the table from somebody they unequivocally trusted that would always without an uncertainty watch out for their finest interest as well as placed a plan with each other that assisted them feel safe that shielded the money that they had functioned their entire life for offer it gave them a possibility to expand the money however my grandparents weren'' t threat takers they wouldn'' t have actually intended to take a great deal of threat they wanted it shielded and also they were delighted at 4 or five percent have a tax strategy i saw exactly how much cash was lost due to the fact that they had no tax plan regarding the the benefits that they might have taken um or the benefits they might have made the most of as well as just have an extensive plan yet even more importantly have actually a trusted companion as the years proceeded right into retirement that they can go as well as take a seat with and also they recognized that that person that knew far a lot more than they would certainly ever before know or ever liked understand that they would be watching out for them and they would certainly have that connection as well as aid them obtain via retirement which'' s why we started oak harvest economic group that'' s why we ' ve grown the company to to near 30 individuals today from the financial investment team to the preparation group to the tax obligation group to the experts we as you can tell are very confident what we do but however our greatest strength as well as our most important possession is the foundational concept in in the objective that i'' ve set which is to look after our clients like they'' re your parents or grandparents that ' s it that is what we do 1-800-822-6434-1800 give us a telephone call we anticipate collaborating with you in your retirement troy you stated a new publication and also you offer us yeah review yeah so i so this is what i do i did this with a youtube network i also do this with uh specific points that uh for me can be very easy to hesitate so i do enjoy writing however i have to break it down so i'' m i enter into things and i obtain right into them hard all right yet i'' ll obtain worn out also so i'' ve found out in time just i ' ve discovered myself so long tale brief i'' ve been informing people the book will certainly be done by the end of the year and also if i tell individuals i'' m mosting likely to do something i will certainly do it that ' s one of the points my grandfather absolutely taught you recognize your word is your honor you understand if you state you'' re mosting likely to do something you do it so i will certainly have it done by the end of the year it ' s going to need to go through manufacturing and also conformity and advertising etc we'' re going to have a nationwide book launch possibly around february hopefully i think perhaps march of following year so yeah it'' s mosting likely to be retired life 360

. it ' s going to be every little thing we talk regarding on the radio the youtube network condensed in an easy to check out style it'' s mosting likely to be developed to offer as much worth to you the viewers as possible whether you function with us or otherwise we want you to be a lot more educated more enlightened make better decisions as well as have a far better retirement so that is returning if you'' d like to talk with the group you you wish to take troy up on his deal no cost to come in and also see what troy and also the team create when it concerns your retired life 360 process 800-822-6434 is the number 800-822-6434 you can locate out extra on the web site and obviously the workplace located at 920 memorial cityway i10 as well as shelter hill and naturally you can always look for troy'' s youtube videos just look for troy sharp and oh karvas troy appreciated it delight in the remainder of the weekend break have a fantastic week we'' ll do it once more following week good noises good mark hit him well this weekend financial investment advisory services provided with oak harvest financial team llc okava'' s monetary team is an independent financial solutions company that aids individuals create retirement methods utilizing a variety of insurance policy as well as investment products investing involves danger consisting of the loss of major any kind of referrals to protection benefits or lifetime revenue usually referred to fixed insurance coverage products never ever securities or financial investment products insurance policy as well as annuity product warranties are backed by the monetary stamina as well as asserts paying ability of the providing insurance provider okarvis monetary team llc is not permitted to offer and also no declaration made during this program shall make up tax obligation or lawful advice you need to speak with a qualified expert prior to making any kind of choices about your individual circumstance we are not affiliated with the u.s federal government or any type of governmental firm this radio show is a paid placement [Songs] you

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