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Retirement Regrets: Don’t Make These Big Decisions Without Watching!

welcome to retired life if you'' re like us it took a very long time to get below and also maybe you gave this a great deal of thought and possibly you didn'' t perhaps you didn ' t we did but in any case before you obtain here or once you get here there are mosting likely to be some huge decisions that you require to make today we want to show you some significant choices that are mosting likely to make all the distinction on how your retirement feels and look and these decisions we'' re discussing today they can not be neglected and shouldn'' t be disregarded we have an excellent buddy who recently retired sold his business he'' s financially secure he nailed that part right he absolutely did he had his housing all exercised they made a decision to remain in their same residence that they increased their children in he had a weekend residence away on a on a gorgeous River and also they really felt good about their next ten years however then they ran right into trouble basically due to the fact that his life was all his work 100 nights weekend breaks the entire thing he had no Hobby he wasn'' t really doing anything beyond eating dishes with his partner they didn'' t like have any type of things with each other they didn'' t change they didn ' t change their way of life so'they drank and eat as well as lived and didn ' t workout similar to when they were functioning so all of an abrupt their health became an issue absolutely and you know he had an opportunity to come with us on our Mastermind trip to try to assist him return on track you understand they finished up obtaining some counseling servicing some healthy and balanced routines locating some volunteer possibilities together and now beginning to discover placement on their future right so to ensure that was a story of you know getting ready for retirement in the traditional sense right with economically ready however some huge decisions around way of life they weren'' t planned for as well as the first one they were the first'huge choice that you ' re gon na need to make in retirement is determining where as well as how you ' re mosting likely to live now maybe as simple as you ' re simply mosting likely to remain where you are and we'' ve obtained a great deal of videos in below on scaling down as well as best sizing as well as remaining in area but this is this is something you require to select you can'' t just waffle right well and also it can be really dissentious for you and your partner if you don'' t connect concerning it you know one of you might want to move to a warmer customer climate as well as there'' s points to take into consideration around relocating as well as rooting out as well as family as well as setting and also we do discuss that in an additional video clip but there are likewise Financial considerations to that right or do you live if your kids live neighboring and your grandkids or your moms and dads or truly buddies you put on'' t truly intend to move yet'you ' ve reached decide you'can ' t simply claim well we ' ll speak about it tomorrow you ' ve got to truly figure it out due to the fact that it is really vital to ensure that ' s really the very first huge choice where and also just how you ' re gon na where as well as how do you wish to live second thing is do you get a job or not and also if you need a job is it still retired life if you obtain a task'yeah due to the fact that uh listen I I put on ' t rely on the word retired life we wear ' t we need to never retire we simply kind of change what we do and also just how we do it yet if you require to remain to work for financial reasons after that by all methods do it or perhaps simply for a neighborhood collection as well as routine as well as you recognize all those things that you'' ve had for the past 30 years that are necessary to you yeah I think the important things right here that I'' m reasoning as'we ' re talking is simply due to the fact that you'' re retired'doesn ' t mean you can ' t go back to work or continue helping the company you ' re with now but at decreased hours in some capacity in some capability I I always said that when I retire I'' m mosting likely to go operate in a hardware shop or a watercraft lawn and it didn'' t exercise we finished up doing this yet clearly that'' s I enter into the hardware shop down the street and there'' s a bunch of older gents and also females that function there who were excellent they'' re actually they came in handy their whole life you know it'' s amusing though we obtain some feedback on our Channel where individuals say you say you'' re retired however you ' re not retired yeah and as well as the fact of the matter is we both relinquished Large I relinquished a huge company job as well as you relinquished having your own company but we'' re doing this work currently 20 hrs a week you understand assisting individuals repaying and it'' s produced um a little much more regular in our life yes well it loads a whole lot of our time it offers us something to test our mind right and somewhere to develop community I suggest we'' ve obtained 11 000 followers currently on this network we'' re so thankful each one of you that view our videos we seem like your family and also a lot of the exact same individuals comment regularly as well as it seems like we'' re learning more about them yeah absolutely so the second thing is are you going to work are you not mosting likely to work are you going to have an article occupation what ability do you want work to play in your retired life the 3rd large choice is way of life selections right you know my mother used to always claim make good decisions and we tell our kids the exact same point well yep we constantly do and also that'' s and we ' re attempting to make great decisions best yet truly your way of living is a choice right it'' s a decision you you have to be deliberate regarding what you pick well'it ' s intriguing you bring that up because if you are consuming badly that'' s a decision that ' s an option and also you require to be knowledgeable about the truth that yes I'' m eating poorly but'I ' m fine with it and if you ' re okay with it that'' s great right yet you have to recognize if you'' re consuming poorly it'' s going to influence your health right yeah very same point is if you exercise or wear'' t exercise you recognize make the option if you drink alcohol way too much also little not at all you understand make the selection smoking yeah smoking cigarettes you know there'' s not a great deal of real favorable information around on smoking no yet if you'' re however you make the selection you are shortening your life so you need to know just be deliberate like you said concerning yes I'' m smoking cigarettes I know it'' s reducing my life but I'' m alright with that said among the important things that we constantly speak with our kids about is you understand making the selection being willful about your mental health right you know you understand staying positive keeping your mindset healthy and balanced and maintaining your partnerships healthy and balanced excellent healthy partnerships we talk concerning that a lot as well as if you'' re if you ' re married how do you as well as your partner treat each other right I suggest we speak about that at all times the way I ' m mistreated however I indicate I believe if your marital relationship as you go into retired life require some job be deliberate regarding that right you recognize try to rebuild your connection wear'' t provide up find some God find some commonalities we we play Pickleball now we discovered it with each other that was something we did together and also that'' s really helped us with our connection not that it was in difficulty however it'' s just something we look ahead to with each other so the 3rd one is simply being intentional as well as making these selections around your way of life right the fourth one is actually finding a way to tip away from your old identification right my dad can never do that he invested his 15 years of retired life he retired he stepped away from the occupation but he used to always for 15 years claim I used to do this I made use of to do that I did that too I did this I did that however he never produced anything new right so when he retired he was embeded that old his old title his setting in the company he had a good strong work values however he never turned that into anything favorable in retirement as well as you understand we have some clients that are what they provided for their job right they were they were sort of classified they were an accountant they were a medical professional they were an attorney they were you understand they were a political leader right so they were what they were classified which'' s hard to shed that label and also recreate something new however it'' s it ' s a choice you ' re gon na need to make because you obtained to choose what as well as who do you wish to be in retirement you can ' t simply awaken every day assuming well I ' ll see what happens or I made use of to or I made use of to but do you wish to end up being the finest grandparent ever before as well as we have close friends who simply spend a lot time with their grandkids that'' s fantastic so that their kids can function as well as as well as have a long time alone but being an excellent grandparent is such a worthy thing I suggest it actually is or or maybe you wish to resemble a short-term sales coach or get actually proficient at all for pickleball or be just an excellent moms and dad you understand reconnect with your kids however you require to have a new identity in your retirement yep since you intend to you recognize wish to identify what the next thirty years will certainly will have you recognize for you so you put on'' t stay in the world of Houston right you know individuals get tired of hearing what you made use of to do I know they want they desire something extra relevant as well as prompt we didn'' t know we were going to begin this YouTube channel yet we'' re so happy that we did we'' re having a lot enjoyable with it and we'' re discovering a great deal of stuff our life is much better due to it as well as we wish your life is much better due to the fact that of it as well you recognize the fifth thing that you really need to determine and we have people in our lives in both of these camps right individuals that retire with a plan which is something we Advocate or people that simply type of take daily as it comes and also we have a lots of buddies that just decided that was mosting likely to be their reason which'' s fine if it ' s great with you that ' s good yet you need to assume concerning whatever that we simply discussed these these large essential decisions where and also just how to live whether you'' re mosting likely to function or not what'' s your brand-new identity that are you mosting likely to end up being in retired life and also what way of life options will you make as well as you know whether you like it or otherwise that all takes assumed in preparing so I believe the word planning sort of terrifies people far from it but you need to remember you understand hope is not a plan right you recognize that'' s not going to obtain you there spending some time off at the beginning of your retired life can be beneficial to map out what you desire to do lengthy term yet it can'' t honestly be your lasting option this appears absurd yet retiring can be complicated it shouldn'' t be yet it can be and you require to make numerous decisions the five we spoke about today are extremely crucial we wish to ensure you get it right you know we just wear'' t want you wandering into retired life you recognize in this in a brief amount of time you'' ll start to wonder what do I do currently and also what do I do next so if you consider these 5 choices your retirement will begin to materialize and also your life will become extra in line with your dreams currently if you similar to this video You'' re Gon na Love this following one it'' s called Don ' t sabotage your retirement the top distractions that can hinder your retired life plan we discuss alcohol TV and your circle of good friends as well as how crucial all of these are so that you put on'' t get thwarted

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