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it's time for a fresh take on retirement at Catholic super we don't believe people retire it isn't about bowing out stepping down or pulling back retirement is a time of promise and possibility a chance to re-fire rewire renew so what might your retirement look like whether it's years away or just around the corner it's never too early or too late to start planning your next chapter start by asking yourself what type of Lifestyle do you want to have and how much income will you need to support it will your superb be enough where does the age pension fit in how will you invest your money in retirement and how will you transition your money there's a lot to consider but you're not alone a Catholic super we've helped thousands of Australians retire with confidence make a start today use our online retirement income calculator to see how you're tracking so far explore our knowledge Hub to learn more about retirement what's involved and how to prepare book an appointment with one of our financial advisors an initial appointment is available at no extra charge simply complete our online booking form or call us directly on 1-800-065-753 and let's start writing your next chapter foreign

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