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Kobe Bryant’s First Post-Retirement Interview

Congratulations on what
a final video game that was. >> > > Thank you
>>. > > You could not have imagined anything like that right? >> > > Not for certain. I imply it was I couldn'' t think that it actually happened. At this minute was in fact here and this is the game. >> > > Yeah >>. > > It was actually'it '
s kind of a weird sensation. >> > > I recognize when you were going out, I imply you need to have been emotional when you awakened that day right? >> > > No, I was quite tranquil. Because it doesn'' t really dawn on you. Then, when I walked in the sector, and you sort of really feel the electrical power? >> > > Yeah>>. > > As well as you just sort of begin getting a little nostalgic. >> > > Yeah>>. > > Then you understand, everyone'' s here to view this final game. >> Don ' t suck.> > > Yeah. Yeah. >> > >'[ LAUGH] > > It ' s like you got ta see to it
you, and after that I come out as well as I miss my first 5 shots. >> I resembled uh-oh. > > Yeah well that ' s things after that it might truly screw with you'due to the fact that if you ' re not striking it immediately then you'' re like, you

>> ' d unravel. > > Yeah, yet the last video game, you simply state you know what? I ' m just gon na head out there as well as allow everything hang loosened. >> > > And also when you see all those stars, I imply they'' re there a great deal anyway, yet does that distract you in any way when you look into and you see somebody? >> > > No, it'' s enjoyable
it ' s just includes in the exhilaration and includes in the emphasis. As well as I got on the bench I heard your voice show up on a jumbotron. >> > > [LAUGH]>> > > Hey, they got Ellen up there also. >> > > When I was saying farewell to you. >> > > Yeah. > > Yeah, that was amusing.> > > That was pretty >> that was amusing. > > I wear ' t believe you could would even listen to it coz, it'' s gon na be so loud on there. >

>> > No, I suggest the fresh prince is such a catchy, >> > > Yeah>>. >> > > Catchy song. > > Thank you Thanks really a lot.
>> Anyway. > > [> LAUGH] > > So your children existed which must have been really great. I suggest, had they seen you play like that? >> > > No, they place'' t as well as they was like, dad where did that come from? As well as I was like, well honey I.
used to be rather great back in the day when you'' re like.

>> > > [LAUGH]>> > > They assumed it was rather incredible. I think the coolest point for.
them is me strolling out simply now as well as not shaming them totally. By not dancing pathetically. >> > > [LAUGH]>> > > Do you truly never dance? >> > > Or perhaps I did. >> > > No, you didn'' t. It was a swag. It was a bit of a. You can ' t go wrong if
you just pose as well as. do that. > >. That ' s what I figured. I kinda just stick to my one-two,.
you understand what I suggest? See to it I put on'' t entirely.
> > Yes. > > Yeah, yet'I ' m a much better sit down professional dancer. > > Know what I'' m stating?
Like, up below,. > > Like me as well as Shiver like you feel like I can fight Twitch and also like. > > Wow when you rest down.
> > You got. > > No one sit dancings doing that.
>'> I ' m down. > > I'believe we ' d all like to see that. > > [
APPLAUSE] > > No, I ' m joking, I
' m kidding. > > So Shaq was below the various other. day on your last day. And he said essentially.
> > No, I didn ' t actually like him too much. > > Are you? > > And also I think in any kind of setting you wan na have, individuals around you that are not gon na.
simply inform you which you intend to listen to. >> > > Mm-hm.
>> > > I suggest they'' re mosting likely to be truthful with you. >> > > Yep.
>> > > We certainly were that with each other. >> > > Yeah and now you'' re good friends? >> > > Yeah we get on just great. >> > > Yeah. > > Yeah, we put on ' t share the exact same.
workplace either.Yeah, that ' s

constantly good'. >> > > Yeah well you'' re impressive as well as thank you.
for being below for the initial interview. We'' re gon na pause and
. more with Kobe as well as a shock a little later that will.
> > Just how lots of times have you watched that? > > Yet I ' m such a basketball geek. Like I went back and viewed it and also.
I'' m like selecting it apart. > > But I believe everybody does that. We all see ourselves, and.
see points that no one else sees. >> > > Yeah>>. > > But that was fantastic, and also that must be a lot fun to do, and afterwards.
to recall at it, however then no regrets. Right? You believe this is the ideal time? >> > > Yeah, it really feels appropriate to me.I ' m really blessed to be able to say that. I just don'' t wan na play anymore. It ' s not like my body required me out. I put on'' t wan na do it anymore.'I ' m prepared to proceed. >> > > And will you still play recreationally? .
>> > > Yeah, probably. >> > > Yeah, you have a court at your home,.
I think? >> > > I do. > > So, do you just go out and also fire hoops.

>> > > Yeah, yeah me, my other half, and also. our youngsters, we ' ll head out as well as fire.
>> And a -. > > Is she great, your partner? >> > > Yeah, she can fire, actually.
>> > > Truly. > > She can shoot, my children >> can fire also, so.
>> > > Truly. >> > > Yeah. > > Would you desire your kids.
to go right into this career.

>> > > Male, if they intended to,.
> > Well the little one'' s truly,. And also she suches as playing sporting activities,.
and so we'' ll see, oldest one she enjoys playing volley ball so.
we'' ll see.

> > Memorable tune. > >. > > Yeah, yeah me, my wife, and also. > > Actually. > > Yeah.

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