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Jimmy Kimmel Talks Retirement Rumors and Matt Damon Feud

Supposedly you claimed that when your
contract is up, which is 2019, is that right? >> > > I did an interview and also in it the individual
ask me, do you ever before think of retiring? I claimed, I still have three years
> > No. > > Who understands what ' s gon na happened on that time. > > You ' ve obtained the point.
> > Yeah. > > You made me really feel, you calm me.
down a little bit, and I thanks. It'' s intimidating to watch. I went back as well as viewed you host and also.
> > However I ' ll shoot for, like if you were a 10,. I ' m really hoping for like a 7.2. I really feel like I ' m pretty well prepared.
You get close to that day and. points sometimes alter. Yet had you started composing jokes.
> > So I require to start composing.
> > Yeah. > > Yeah. You'' re really, extremely amusing and you ' re.
> > Yeah, they obtained it, they got it. > > Ugh! > > Right there.
> > Yeah,. > > Yeah, he was a producer on a movie. > > The reason Matt Damon obtained nominated is just to thank him for.
not remaining in the movie. >> > > [LAUGH]>> > > That ' s what they did. >> > > [LAUGH]>> > > We put on ' t like each other in case you put on'' t recognize the back tale. >> > > Yeah. So right here is what he claimed, I asked him if you had anything to claim,.
cuz you'' re gon na get on the program as well as this is what he said when he was here.Jimmy Kimmel is organizing which. is that great or negative for you? > > It ' s terrible for >> everybody. > > [> LAUGH]>> > > Yeah >>. > > [LAUGH]> I ' m simply being honest. > > [>> LAUGH] > > Probably poor for me too, yet negative for America. I have extremely reduced expectations for.
his efficiency for Oscar evening as well as.
> > You know just how nervous he is. That ' s so mean. > > Well, he should be.
countless individuals enjoying as well as wishing that he ruins. I'' m mosting likely to exist a couple of rows.
> > He can do whatever he wants. Undoubtedly, it'' s a cost-free country.
one point I understand Matt Damon will certainly not be throwing at me is an Oscar,.
due to the fact that he'' s not gon na win.

>> > > [LAUGH]>> > > All right. >> > > So possibly he can throw tissues at me, I.
don'' t recognize what he ' ll have in his pocket. >> > > Yeah, he claimed when he was here,.
he was gon na toss points at you. As well as I thought it would be amusing, I didn'' t. motivate him to do it because it'' s indicate, but I assumed he ought to because it.
> > I just urged it. > > I see what'' s going on. > > It'' s become abundantly clear.

> > You ' ve obtained the factor.
> > Yeah. > > Yeah, they got it, they obtained it. > > Right there. > > I just encouraged it.

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