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The BEST Gold and Crypto IRAs (2023 Review)

Rolling over 5 to 15% of your
Retirement Savings into gold and crypto may be the best way to secure
your retirement in the coming years. But how do you choose an IRA
Company to work with out of all of the options that are out there? Many people interested in these types
of alternative investments don't know that the IRA companies they'll be
working with are not all the same. Depending on what you're
looking for, even the so-called "best in the industry" would be a terrible choice for you. In this video, we'll take a quick
look at the three different types of Gold and Crypto IRA Companies and show
you which of these companies are the best to work with right now and why. Welcome to the
where we help people like you secure your Retirement Savings by
taking some of your hard-earned wealth out of centralized markets.

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today will be in the description below. Before we can talk about the best Gold
and Crypto IRA Companies, we first need to understand the difference
between a Gold IRA and a Crypto ira. Both Gold and Crypto IRAs refer
to Self-directed IRAs that hold the specified alternative asset. So Gold IRAs hold gold and other
precious metals while Crypto IRAs focus more on cryptocurrencies. So a better question now would probably
be, what is a Self-directed IRA? A Self-directed IRA is an
Individual Retirement Account, much like your Traditional IRA.

It allows you to hold investments
in a tax-advantaged environment. The key difference being that you
are no longer limited to just stocks, and you can choose from a variety
of different investments to hold inside of your retirement account. Investments, of course, like
precious metals and cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the Self-directed
IRA Companies that offer gold and crypto, you're gonna be
dealing with 3 different types. There are those that handle both
gold and cryptocurrencies, which help you buy and hold both gold and other
precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Then there are the companies that
focus only on gold and precious metals. Usually gold and silver, with the more
expansive companies, including other metals like platinum and palladium. With the last type being, the companies
that offer only cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Deciding on which Self-directed
IRA Company to work with comes down to what you are trying to get
out of this in the first place. If you're looking for security and
a way to protect the wealth that you have already accumulated throughout
your life, then you want a gold and precious metals company that
will keep your investment safe.

If growth is more your thing and you
want to build on your savings for the future, then a cryptocurrency
company will serve you best. And then there are those that are looking
for more flexibility, supplementing a more secure investment in gold with a
much more volatile crypto, then you know that you will need a company that offers
both precious metals and cryptocurrencies. So now that you know the difference
between a Gold and a Crypto IRA, and have a better idea of which type of IRA
company you want to work with, let's take a look at the best in the game right now.

If we're talking about IRA
companies that offer both gold and crypto, then iTrustCapital is
by far the best option out there. They allow you to trade in crypto, gold,
and silver with your Self-directed IRA. They have extremely low fees compared
to the other companies that offer both cryptocurrencies and gold. They're low, minimum of only $1,000 to
open an account makes it very accessible for those still just getting started. They have an A rating with the BBB
and a Trustpilot score of 4/5 stars with over 2200+ client reviews. iTrustCapital also allows you
to trade in real-time with a 24/7 self-trading platform.

You can trade gold and silver
partnering with Kitco as well as 25+ other cryptocurrencies. They have leading security
provided by Coinbase custody and fire blocks, $320 Million of
insurance through Coinbase Custody. And an online learning portal with
a simple guided rollover process. One of the major downsides of working
with iTrustCapital, however, is that even though they have a rating in the BBB,
they are not yet accredited through them. When it comes to the Top 3 Gold IRA
Companies, we have Augusta Precious Metals as the number one pick. They allow you to hold gold and
silver coins and bullion in your IRA. A respected leadership with Isaac
Nuriani at the head of the company, who also happens to be a member of 11+ years in business. BCA double-A and BBB A+ ratings
with zero complaints online. Transparent and low cost fees. An excellent buyback program,
lifetime customer service, and an easy account setup. One of the major challenges of working
with Augusta Precious Metals is that they have one of the highest minimum
investments to open a gold and silver IRA in the industry of $50,000. Goldco comes in second place
with their superior "white glove" service for all customers.

18+ years providing gold IRA investments. A wide selection of precious
metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Being named Company of the
Year in 2021 by Stevie Awards. They have a BBB A+ rating and a BCA
Triple-A rating, incredible buyback price guarantee, a low flat fee structure,
and special offers often available for investors opening an IRA with them. One of the major challenges of working
with Goldco is a relatively high $25,000 minimum investment to work with them. To round off this Gold IRA list,
we have Birch Gold, the longest established of the top Gold IRA Companies
having been in business since 2003. They have a moderate minimum initial
investment of $10,000 for a Gold IRA, a BBB A+ rating, and a BCA triple-A rating. Excellent investor education
and resources available. Their IRA consultants help
manage rollovers and transfers. They have vetted custodian and storage
partners for your precious metals, a wide range of gold and silver products,
as well as platinum and palladium, and a competitive buyback service. On the downside, their website
does not list set up or annual fees since they may be subject to change. And finally we have the Top 3 Crypto
IRA Companies with BitIRA leading the list with their five layer security
boasting to have 100% cold, offline storage and multifactor authentication.

$100 Million in end-to-end insurance. An online account dashboard
available to customers 24/7. 18+ cryptocurrencies supported
through their exclusive partnership with the Genesis Exchange. They have an A+ BBB rating and a
triple-A BCA rating, as well as being a Consumer Affairs authorized partner. They offer a guided rollover
or transfer process. They have dedicated customer service
and crypto IRA Consultants on hand waiting to help you if you need it. A moderate $5,000 minimum investment,
and they have options available for a Traditional IRA, Roth
IRA, SEIP IRA, or a Simple IRA. Some of the challenges of working with
Bit IRA are: depending on the custodian you choose, your fees may be higher than
average and transaction fees are not currently published on their website. On the number 2 spot we have
Coin IRA with expert crypto IRA consultants and live chat available. No setup maintenance or storage fees. The option of opening a Traditional
IRA, a Roth IRA, or a SEP Self-directed IRA account in five minutes or less.

A managed rollover or transfer of funds. A moderate $5,000 minimum investment
for opening an account with them. They have lower transaction
fees than other companies. They have industry standard
security with 100% offline storage and multifactor authorization. $100 Million custody insurance for all
of your cryptocurrency investments. They are an accredited business with
the BBB, with an A+ rating, and they offer a 24/7 online trading platform. Something to look out for is
that their rollover process can take several weeks to go through. Number 3 on our list is Bitcoin IRA,
which allows you to earn up to 6% on your savings on top of the basic IRA benefits. They allow you to invest in the
top 9 cryptos, stocks, bonds, cash, and gold certificates of ownership. They have a 24/7 online trading platform. Their minimum investment of only $3,000 is
lower than any other company on this list. Bitcoin IRA was established in 2016 as
the first and largest Crypto IRA Company. They give you the option to
dollar-cost-average with the Saver IRA and a monthly recurring investment. Both Traditional and Roth
IRA types are available. Their insurance is offered by
Lloyds of London, and assets are secured through Bitco Trust. And they have more than 100,000 users
with over $1.5 Billion in transactions.

Some of the negatives are that they
have fewer cryptocurrencies available than other companies on this list,
and they have both a higher initial entry and a higher set-up fee
than other Crypto IRA Companies. And that's going to wrap up today's
video on the Best Gold and Crypto IRAs. If you found the video helpful, subscribe
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spread the word about these lesser-known alternative investment options..

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